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Traditional music

Friday September 7 – 14:45

with Justin Bonnet


French traditional songs have been considered for a long time as songs from another time from this or that region of France. This way of looking at this repertoire is not very dynamic but nevertheless, one can see today a revival of energy and creativity. A repertoire to re-discover with new eyes.

Meet the pedagogue

Friday September 7 – 16:30

with Guy Reibel


Composer, choir conductor and pedagogue, Guy Reibel created the “vocal game” at the end of the sixties together with the group of musical research at Radio France. Today, this technique is present in all kind of groups, being professionals or amateurs, as well as in schools.

Guy Reibel has strongly influenced vocal music composition techniques and have introduced creativity in school choirs, taking them away from their usual singing and conducting techniques.

« Sing Me In »

Saturday September 8 -  9:15

with Côme Ferrand-Cooper


Why and how can we use choral singing to facilitate the integration of young migrants in our European society ? Côme Ferrand-Cooper is in charge for European Choral Association – Europa Cantat of the coordination of the project “Sing me In”, supported by the European Union. He will present the resources developed by the eleven partners of the project.

Meeting the composer

Saturday September 8 -  10:30

with Jaakko Mäntyjärvi and the chamber choir Freia


Jaakko Mäntyjärvi (b. 1963) is one of Finland's internationally  best-known composers of choral music. He describes himself as an 'eclectic traditionalist'. He has a wide and varied output of choral music both sacred and secular; more than 100 titles have been published to date by Sulasol. This workshop offers a cross-section of his works from a period of more than 30 years. 

Vocal jazz with an amateur choir

Saturday September 8 – 15:15

with Thierry Lalo and Jazz’elles


Vocal jazz is quit different from classical music… This music is pure emotion and full of vibrations. But there are rules, traditions as well in this demanding style and the singers need to know some technical requirements in order to perform at his best…

Hip hop and baroque

samedi 8 septembre à 16h30

Avec François Bazola


Abderzak Houmi and François Bazzola have share their interest and curiosity to create “Face to face”… a show where genres meet, cross and merge. It has not been easy to put artists from those two different world together. They have so different creative process, different performing and rehearsal process… but at the end ….

Children choir pedagogy

Sunday September 9 – 10:30

with Marie-Noëlle Maerten and La Cigale de Lyon


How to rehearse and perform contemporary music with a children choir? How to associate vocal exercises with the rehearsal of the piece? Marie-Noëlle Maerten is the vice artistic director of the “Maîtrise de Radio France”. She will share with you her experience.

The music of Veljo Tormis

Sunday September 9 – 14:00

with Loïc Pierre and Mikrokosmos


Veljo Tormis died in January 2017. He was the leading figure among Estonian composers and mentor of Loic Pierre. All their meetings were about sharing vision of choral music. Veljo Tormis has asked Loic to adapt its compositions in French. Starting this work with reticence since “the word influence the sound”, 1000 questions raised… it was the beginning of a new discover.

Reading sessions

Friday September 7 - 16:30

Saturday September 8 - 11:45 and 15:15

Sunday September 9 -  9:15

with the Publishers participants at the Congress

The publishers will present a selection of their production, for mixed choir, equal voices and children. These sessions will allow you to discover and listen to new music, rich and original.