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Quatuor vocal Méliades

Friday, September 7 – 17:45

Anaïs Vintour, Delphine Cadet, Marion Delcourt and Corinne Bahuaud met in 2006 in a human and artistic project and formed “Méliades” in order to offer to a large public the vocal music performed by women.

The groups’ repertoire includes music from the 20th and 21st century, and many collaboration with young composers. French and foreign traditional music is also present in the group’s performances.


Conductor :

 Jean-Claude Wilkens

Saturday, September 8 – 11:45

©Thierry Wagner

There are many vocal jazz group around the world… maybe less in France, and a women vocal jazz group is quite unique ! This is the challenge that Jean-Claude Wilkens has undertaken late 2013, with 18 women, professional or amateur sharing music with passion around a jazz band. The repertoire of the group includes standards, swing, Latin, ballads and pop. The groups work deeply on style and sound so specific to jazz and pop.

Chœur Mikrokosmos

Conductor : Loïc Pierre

Saturday, September 8 – 14:00

Mikrokosmos and its 45 young singers celebrate their 30 years in 2019 !

During that period, over 100 new pieces a cappella have been created thanks to a close collaboration with composers, writers, plastic artists and video makers.

Looking for a choral theatre, their last production called “La Nuit dévoilée”, premiered in 2013 continues its journey around the world.

Chœur Faitouch’

Conductor : Marianne Feder

Saturday, September 8 – 17:45

©Michael Berreby

The show « Portraits de chants de fête » gather professional artists, singers, amateur musicians and many migrants in process of Learning French.

Two associations from Paris, « Les Musi’terriens » from which the Faitouch’ choir is from, and « l’Ecole Normale Sociale », have merged in order to collect, arrange, rehearse, record and perform celebration songs from the world. In partnership with the « 104 » in Paris, this project is about songs, music, laughs, dances, nostalgia and friendship, beyond social and cultural borders.

Quatuor Damask

Sunday September 9 – 9:15

©Joris Jan Bos Photography

The international vocal quartet “Damask” members are Katharine Dain, Marine Fribourg, Guy Cutting and Drew Santini. Their repertoire includes romantic music for quartet and piano, as well as music from the 20th and 21st century, a cappella or with instruments. In the congress they will perform pieces rarely performed written just after the second world war by composers who have escape Europe (Milhaud, Stravinsky, Schönberg, Weill) as well as by the American composer Ned Rorem.


Coordination : Catherine Debu

Sunday September 9 - 11:45

Born in 2010, the women ensemble includes almost only professionals from the music fields. They propose a series of energetic French songs with arrangements specially written for the group. Sometimes, a tuba, a guitar or percussions join the group. Sensibility, poetry, humor, happiness are the ingredients of the presentation.