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Friday September 7 – 20:00

Ensemble A Bocca Chiusa

Four friends, singers in different groups meet to become their own producer

Their a cappella repertoire is eclectic and humor, complicity and happiness is always present. The ensemble looks for a close proximity with the audience and this is why they have been awarded “coup de choeur” by the Foundation Orange at the International University choir festival in 2016.

Chœur de chambre Freia (Helsinki)

Coordination : Jaakko Mäntyjärvi

Chamber Choir cc FREIA was founded in the Helsinki area in Finland in 
2015 as an ensemble of highly experienced choral singers who had sung 
together in various formations for years. One of the major factors driving the founding of cc FREIA was to create an ensemble working without a separate conductor, but also large enough to produce a choral sound.

©Markku Pihlaja

Saturday September 8 – 20:00


Conductor :  Jeanne Vic

For over 30 years, the ensemble gather singers from 18 to 30 years old, around an a cappella repertoire changing evey year. This season, Incognito visits traditional music from here and abroad.

La Cigale de Lyon, chœur d’enfants

Conductor : Anne-Marie Cabut

Founded in 1947 the choir is conducted by Anne-Marie Cabut since 1995. It is the pilot choir of “La Chanterie de Lyon” which gather over 400 children from 5 to 17 years old in different age groups all over the city of Lyon.

La Cigale has won many international prizes and awards. The group’s repertoire is very eclectic with a preference for 20th and 21st century a cappella works or with piano accompaniment. The group focus as well on staging and movements in order to reinforce the meaning of the text and music writing.

©Pauline Fort